Drivers For Xbox 360 HDD?

Do I need to install specific drivers for Horizon and My PC to see my Xbox 360 HDD? I remember back before USB drives having to do it with my memory cards and hard drive but can not locate the files.

No, you only need to do that sh*t when you’re connecting a Memory Unit.

Well when I hook my jtag hdd to my pc nothing happens other than the hard drive powering and winding up and whatnot

Horizon should recognize it, it’s not going to show up in Windows Explorer or something like that.

Well made it work after trying a 5th time, did not do anything different so I am thinking my Xport cord or dock is fubar. Also noticed i can’t seem to edit the other partitions in Horizon?

I am trying to delete and replace the Xbox 1 compatibility stuff.

Plug your HDD into your PC and type “Device Manager” on the Start Menu and press Enter.

Once it’s loaded you should see a section called “Disk drives”, expand it and see if your HDD is on there. If it’s not, it’s not connected, meaning the connection between your PC and HDD has failed. If it’s there with a yellow exclamation mark, right click it and click “Update Driver Software…” Then you want to search the Internet for Drivers if any are out there.

Then once it’s done searching and installed, load Horizon and hopefully it will load your HDD.