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DRM Free DLC Content. [Mafia 2, Fallout 3;New Vegas, Boderlands and more]


I was looking at hjsplit, now im going to download it.


How does this DRM free DLC works?


Download the necessary files then insert into Horizon, open the USB explorer and insert into there.


I feel like there’s a catch. Do I need JTAG, RGH or something of the sort?


No you can use a USB.


Is there a possibility to get banned for this? Or is it legal(I meant DRM free from stock or was it modified)


finally something good on this site, thank you


There is a very slim to none chance you will get banned.
If had some content for a year or two now, and havnt had any issues.


Im tempted to get the tell tale story for the walking dead but ive been banned before, my first account got banned for using the second profile exploit for DLC


Please don’t post my links without my permission.


Do you have to combine part 1 and 2 for the BL2 DLC with hjsplit?


The Halo 3: ODST has Sergeant Johnson which is DRM Free if you can get that, if nobody else gets it by tomorrow I might be able to.


Okay then Ill Just reupload them on my own, if you are going to be difficult.


I’ll go ahead and close this until you complete the re-uploads.

Message me when you’re ready.


hi i need DLC Oblivion i can’t find the link


Well thats because this is 5 years old.
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