Duty Calls Free Game Download!


This Game Came Out About A Week Ago And Is A Parody Of Some Sort For BulletStorm. I Belive It Will Only Be Free Till The Release Of It Or A Little White After. So Act Fast! :smiley: I Just Downloaded It And Its Loads Of Fun And Similar To The Call Of Duty Franchise.


Download link?

Thanks! I didn’t know this was going to be a game, I just thought it was some random video. I am downloading now


Does it have online

Meh looks decent i’d rather stick to MW2 for PC

Sweet im play it and see if is cool haha it looks good.

Looks cool.

Thanks diglett.

How do you know this is legit?

woow sick dude im downloading that shizzle.

I believe it has online.
It is a free game and is legit.
Its from the makers of bullet-storm.
They wouldn’t make a virus.

Wow, just finished download, very fun game, I guess you could say…


No multiplayer. D:

Hiz Awe

dis is already been posted before

when did this come out

Duty Calls for free download :smile:

Yeah what you said!


Hmm not sure about this game

Downloading now, Nice find :smiley: