Dying Light 2 Stay Human Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Needs updated. Just got a huge update on something and won’t work.

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definetly needs updating!

Dying Light 2 just got DLC update, please update the trainer and also please add “Freeze Challenge Timer”.


Definitely Needs Updating, add more to make us able to reach max rank, max everything quicker, like adding something to increase our rank for everything that is ingame, freezing timers, more money or coins or whatever is needed to purchase everything for both normal things & DLC & whatever else would be needed to do that, Thank You.
EDIT: Fix The Commands if they need fixing, Super Damage & the other one aren’t working properly, I haven’t tried using the TP commands, but they might need some work too


We need freeze challenge timer !


totally agree with you on that

I wouldn’t mind seeing the option of having unlimited upgrade items, similar to the crafting items, in which it will only give you max number of items you currently have, but this would make upgrading easier if you desired, not sure if this is feasible or not, just an idea.

gonna be awhile till fling updates this

The trainer is up to date. There are no plans to add more options at this time.

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its up to date?


Even with all the available cheats to help, some parkour challenges like “Journal of a Nightrunner” or “Ali is in Wonderland” is impossible to complete because they require 95%+ action accuracy. All we ask for is a timer freeze or flying maybe, at least just to feel the “our games our rules” that this platform always provide, thx in advance. (I know I’m a stupid perfectionist but I’m just too old to keep up with all the parkour)

Freeze timer would be nice, but many trainers and cheat engines don’t seem to be updating anymore.
I think a lot of people just don’t find the game appealing anymore or are not interested in adding cheats.

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They could add the trick: Timer for frozen challenges. Please

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Add player backpack clear button? People are having issues Bloody Ties masks and other items getting stuck in their inventory after latest patch

Hey, would be awesome if you can add infinite Nightrunner Tokens, there are a couple different Nightrunners where you have to do so much missions to level up and get tokens

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Can you add some blood ties cheats, like inf coins and such

Can y’all update this trainer?

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Please add cheats for blood ties

please add freeze timers!!!