Dying Light 2 Stay Human Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Hello :slight_smile: I have a problem because I am trying to enable the option under the numpad8 key, but this option automatically turns off

edit → it’s working now:)

hi there i just try the update but it keeps making the game crash i almost only use unlimited stamina

Hi there,
Is it possible to implement a cheat to freeze the timer on timed missions? Also is it possible to be able to add jump height to the trainer?

Thank you so much for the working and keeping the trainer for dl2 up to date.

Game is still crashing after activating 2 cheats. works fine 1 minute than pops out.

To be more specific if you try to get in your inventory or anything on the menu the game breaks and shuts down

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the cheat are not working for me

I was having the same issue but after this last update that’s no longer happening. I also rolled back my save three times so that may have helped too but I am not sure. It did not help when I did it two days ago, but now today it finally works so…shrug

Edit: Nevermind. Soon as I went to the crafting screen, CTD.And now everytime I open that menu it’s back to CTD.

Edit the Second: Use M key to open your map directly and just STAY OFF THE CRAFTING SCREEN. That avoids the CTD. Still no clue what it is about crafting menu that crashes the game but…yeah. I THINK you can still craft your equipped weapons from the Weapon Wheel shortcut…but do not open your actual crafting menu. And if your defaulting to that menu for some reason, use M key to shortcut directly to your Map.

Edit Three - The Reckoning: Collectibles menu seems to be a bit dodgy too. When I was skipping past it to the skill menu it would freeze for a second but move along. Then I actually moved the cursor around it a bit to examine which bounty I was on, CTD.

Edit Four - The Return of Edit: Nevermind. It’s all messed up again. I surrender.

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Seems a freeze timer option is not to be added.

For some reason i cannot enable unlimited health, I press my shortcut key and it enables for like a split second before disabling again. Other mods work like unlimited stamina and immunity etc.

can we get some sort of response to the requests for a freeze-timer cheat?

And for the issue mentioned by me and @TheRedFear. Game is not playable when you enable an cheat and go into the menu.