Dying Light Cheats and Trainer for Steam

how fast will i get banned if i craft tons of stuff or give myself a lot of materials when ill go from singleplayer game to online vac-off/on server , or friend only server ?
Im asking cuz its vac game and i dont wanna get vac.
And i heard i can get ban even on singleplayer.

anyone know how to fix this???

As I said, the Fling trainer already levels up to max level instantly. It also does so with the full amount of skill points gained as if they were one at a time. The regular levels aren’t too tedious with WeMod’s setup, but the legend levels definitely are since there are 250 levels with that instead of just 25. Also I can use the Fling trainer as soon as the player is controllable and gain the levels from it by getting to a checkpoint, then going to the main menu, then back to the game; whereas using WeMod, I have to wait until the character can normally gain xp since it’s not quite the beginning. (It’s after the tutorial.) I would give a link, but I’m guessing advertising another trainer website is frowned upon, so I’ll just say use a search engine and try out Fling trainers sometime. They are the go-to for me when there is any function missing or not very efficient on the WeMod trainers.

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hello, recently I started playing dying light, but almost all the cheats don’t work, a few months ago they worked but now only a few work, does anyone know what’s going on, I specify that I’m playing on the steam version

Hi u still dont get ban? I have used this 3 days ago and I am scared, becouse i dont want to get vac for playing singleplayer

Hi i need help. I have played dying light 3 days ago with WeMod, can i get ban for this? when i only play singleplayer mode? I don’t off VAC in the dying light options. How long i need wait to know that I am safe. I heard that peapole got ban for playing singleplayer mode with trainers.

You only have risk to get ban when use trainer in multiplayer, the trainer is only for use in singleplayer

Some cheats don’t work with the latest patches. The add money and XP ones in particular.

what does the zombie carnage function do?

I too have noticed the money cheat is still inoperable.
I just got back to Dying Light after a few years and felt like having some fun again. hope a fix comes soon.

The Dying Light cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

The Dying Light cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Hotkey dont work. From numpad 1 to Cntrl+F5 . nothing
Nevermind, had the hotkey option turned off by accident

Everything is perfect, thank you!

I would like a cheat that makes me invisible to the zombies. Sure, there’s cloaking in the skills, but that’s just gross and limits visibility. The second option, the witch potion is similarly pointless.

And another question: What is “Weapon Cloning (Zecman)” for?

Edit: Well, never mind. I’ve finished this game.

somehow i have issues with the teleport command, doesn’t trigger even if i change the set hotkey, anyone able to help?

Which teleport cheat, @Diamon_sword1? Both seem to be working fine for me. :slight_smile:

Cheat 1: Teleport To Waypoint:

  1. Open the map by pressing M.
  2. Place a waypoint by right-clicking.
  3. Close the map.
  4. Activate the Teleport To Waypoint cheat.

Cheat 2: Teleport (to saved location)

  1. Stand wherever you want to set the teleport location to.
  2. Activate the Save Location cheat.
  3. Move away from the saved location.
  4. Activate the Teleport cheat.