Dying Light Suggestion

So, this is my first post so, I am not sure how to structure this but ill try my best. I’ll try to keep this short:

*Backpack editor (Edit how much you have of specific items + Add specific items?)
*Unlimited potion effects? (Not sure how you’d do this honestly)
*Teleport a certain distance ahead of you? I am not sure if this is possible
*Button to disable all mods, keep all the settings saved but so when the button is pressed, they are disabled so you can type, it would just be convenient :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s it from me, thanks for reading :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if you even looked at the cheats in dying light there are 35 of em 35 !
There is a unlimited items cheat.
And also there already is a teleport to waypoint cheat

Any more cheats the game would play by itself !!

Yes i have, but spawning in items would be more fun, its just a suggestion, im not saying that he has to add them. its just some nice additions that could be added, chill out

Ok thanks i will.

I think they could add max zombie level.

Cant because that is online being the zombie

I know, but if you turn on, for example: Infinity health, your hunter becomes undestroyable, and if you’re human, you can also do the same and you can get banned.

Doesn’t matter. If some options work in multiplayer it’s because the Devs didn’t bother or didn’t care enough to have different addresses for single and multiplayer.

Wemod made the cheats for singleplayer and won’t add any for multiplayer.
Be the Zombie is multiplayer so you won’t see a max zombie level cheat

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I’m gonna lock this no need to have it open we have a dying light thread already