Dying light trainer fix please

The add ammo function does not work for infinity 2.0.

the ones ive gotten to work were: infinite health, unlimited throwables, unlimited durability, uv flashlight, grappling hook, unlimited items, free crafting, one hit kills, unlimited stamina,m easy lock pick.

the ones i could not get to work were: max survivivor level XP, max agility level xp, max power level xp, max driver level xp, add ammo, max legend level xp, switch to day/night.

to me the most important one to fix is the add ammo one, and where it works with arrows aswell as other types of ammo. (right now doestn work at all in infinity 2.0, in 1.0 it worked with the gun ammos but not arrows.

please fix this if you can, ive asked about it before, and it shouldnt be too complicated seeing as its worked before in 1.0

i play this game a lot, and it would be awesome not having to go back to 1.0 every time i want to play this game.

if i forgot anything please let me know.


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