Dying Light

Hi, I was using the Dying Light trainer by wemod about 3 days ago, I played on offline (it was my first time trying out the game) as soon as the game gave me an option to go online (I didn’t know the game was VAC protected otherwise I wouldn’t even launch the game with a trainer) I searched for bans and whatnot & when I realized the VAC thing I closed the game immediately, deleted the save files and the game itself, Can I get VAC banned for this? I didn’t go online it was single-player offline mode.

You should be fine as long as you didn’t play the multiplayer game mode.

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Thank you, Chris, I didn’t play the multiplayer as mentioned before only a single-player campaign.
I will also update the thread here as I hear that VAC bans can be delayed.

Apparently there should be no issues in single player if you have the single player option enabled. I played for about 30 hours with WeMod enabled and had no problems. Anyway and just to confirm, if Dying Light is played with the single player option activated, in no case and in no way should we have any kind of VAC?

While i have not yet confirmed it, at least according to the LAN settings the entire VAC thins is greyed out and can’t be toggled. This presumably means that VAC is disabled because you’re offline. so there’s be nothing to check for.

What i’m more interested in is if i can get banned for playing online while wemod is off, but with a savegame that has cheated money or weapons on it.

i never got a VAC ban or any other ban, and my svae file has modded items, to the point of having 100k firearms and 64k melee, been using this save for over 5 years, and i never had a single VAC ban in any game on my steam for the 10 years i had my steam account…

i also accidently joined VAC servers with Wemod or other trainers active, as soon i noticed i quit immidiatly, with VAC being OFF i also played against nighthunters, and im still playing online…

you should be fine aslong you stay off VAC secured games. even in PVP