EA App (again)

I already saw a few threads from last year mentioning the EA app, but last night I was actually FORCED to uninstall Origin and install the EA app. I couldn’t launch any games until I agreed to the change. I’m not sure if they’re doing this to everyone or a select few for now, but either way it means that Origin is effectively dead. While it’s true that I can manually select the executable for the game (which I’ve already done successfully), I was hoping to find out if there’s a timeframe for updating WeMod to support the EA desktop program directly.

Hey there,

Unfortunately there’s no timeframe for this. EA have encrypted the file that allows WeMod to automatically check for installed games.

Until they can find a way around it, you will need to manually link any EA/Origin games manually - Why can't WeMod find my installed game?

Ah, that’s unfortunate. Thankfully I only have a couple games on there that I care about (not counting all the old C&C games). I appreciate the response.