Easy way to find out what xbox360 MotherBoard you got in 2 seconds TuT

How to Find out what MotherBoard you got and the best way to tell if it Jtagable.

Go to your xbox360 and take out the powercable out of the back of your xbox360 console,
and with the picture below if the power cable’s is the same as yours then that means it that mother board.

any Question just Leave Feedback and ill get back to you.

-Thankyou - ogzxh4ckzor1

posted alot of times

already been posted a billion times. use the search bar before posting :smiley: but still a good thread so u gets a thanks <3

thankyou bro, have thanks back,.

But mine looks like the one on the right?

PS: i know i have a slim and those have Valhalla MB in them. just making a point that the picture is out dated.

no the pictures are for the ones that could get jtag you cant jtag a slim lol
so No it aint outdated picture it just to tell if the xbox 360 has good motherboard to jtag

That won’t tell you if it’s Jtagable… Just go to system settings…

I would not read the red too make me look dumb.

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