Edge Of Eternity Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Only the Unlimited Health code works as of 8/25/2021

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Can we get an EGS version of this, please.

We don’t take requests on the forum.

See my reply to your other post here for how to get Steam trainers to work on Epic Games store versions: Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam - #212 by Ravenfyre.

See my post here for how trainers get made or updated at WeMod: Timberman Cheats? - #2 by Ravenfyre.

I had no idea requests weren’t taken on the forums, I apologize - I’ve seen others make them, so, I figured it was okay. Also, I WOULD use your advice from that reply and use the ‘fix’ option, etc - but the trainer for the versions that ARE on the app don’t even work, so I don’t see them working that way, either. So, I figured I would ask for an EGS version, since updates for this haven’t been replied to or done either.

ok so the onaly one thats working is unlimited health and thats it everything eles is not working

so if everything else besides infinite health doesn’t work and i think just needs a slight modification in the code

As of Nov. 2nd 2021 the unlimited HP is still only working mod, everything else just disables 3 seconds after activation

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The Edge Of Eternity cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

I’m having the never ending loading when I try to start the game using wemod. Even starting it after opening the game. It doesnt do it to no other game just edge of eternity. Help would be welcomed.

Will you make trainer for Xbox too?
Thank you



I was wondering if it is possible to add additional cheats to Edge of Eternity, please see what I would think would be good.

Exp Multiplier for Characters
Exp Multiplier for Weapons
Current Shop Inventory (Unlimited Quantity/Freeze when buying items)


Edge of Eternity is on the gamepass, can we have mod list if it possible? :slight_smile:


Any chance this can get ported to the Xbox for PC version? it’s on gamepass for PC now.

Any chance of a game speed option? I’ve tried the speedhack in Cheat Engine and it doesn’t seem to work.