Edit boxes and remove extra skills points

Don’t get me wrong, as people are easily offended, and I do appreciate your work. But one common “mistake” that hackers usally do with their trainers is to add some exaggerate value to their cheats. Like more currency that the gameplay normally would give, but it works because is a 4bytes value. And sometimes we don’t even need this much, for example, to get the Handcannon of Resident Evil 4 you need to get 60.000 pts on each Mercenary level, but hackers usually set their trainers to give some huge number like 9.999.999. With just the enough points required, I can still go back to replay these challenges to beat it legitimately.

So, if possible, can you add edit boxes for some cheats?
Another similar issue are with cheats that add skill points (what are one of my favorites). The problem is when you level up, you get more points but can’t spend it. So there will be a message or some hud element blinking all the time to warn you of the unexpended points. Games like Borderlands, or Mass Effect have this issue. Is just an annoyance, but would be nice to have a cheat to set these skills points to 0.

Anyway, these are my 2 cents. Sorry if I sounded rude, but was not my intention. =)

You didn’t sound rude to me. Either way, I believe that you can manually edit numerical values in a trainer if you have the mobile counterpart to Infinity. I think that requires the Pro/Diamond/whatever paid account, though.

edit boxes are added with Infinity v3. The open beta is currently going on. I don’t know if it was implemented for every cheat yet but it will be sure when Infinity v3 is fully released