[Editor] Watch Dogs Save Editor Progress

I’m working on the Watch Dogs save editor and I would like suggestions as to what you guys want in the tool. If what you request is not possible, I will let you know.


Car unlocker.

Outfit, and gun unlocker would be nice.

I’m not sure if I’m saying this right because I don’t have the game, but maybe the song stuff?

There really isn’t too much since you can’t save your cars in a garage so you have most of it covered.

Ammo, Health, Unlock all cars, Unlock all 23 songs, Weapon selector for each slot.

For people wanting all 23 songs you might want to make it 22 and reveal where the last one is unless the achievement pops once the save is loaded.

Does anyone have a save file with the DLC items from the ULC pack such as the ‘Cyberpunk’ outfit and gun?

skill points for each digital trip

don´t work4me https://www.horizonmb.com/threads/166718-Diamond-Watchdogs-Modding-HELP

ammo editor like the origonal.

Unlock all songs

When is this coming out anyway? Is this somekind of ghost thread?

The tool has been out for a long time.


where is the download link ?


It is included in horizon. Either download the clean version here or use the “download horizon” button on the top right of the site page.

edit: If you are using google chrome, you might recive a unsafe file/site warning, click on info and look for the “visit this unsafe page” option or use another browser. Horizon is safe, but some installers includes optional adware. Always scan the file before download (using virustotal or similar services) and select “custom install” during setup.

merci 1000x

How do i install this :frowning:

Download Horizon https://www.wemod.com/horizon

Does it work for the PC version?