Elden Ring EAC Bypass?

Hello everyone, I’ve been using WeMod while playing Elden Ring for about a month now. I was able to bypass the Easy Anti Cheat and play in online mode while using WeMod, by adding the easy anti cheat to Windows Defender Firewall. I simply created custom inbound and outbound rules that blocked EAC. However, after the update on Patch 1.04 (April 19th), I can no longer do this. The game simply says “inappropriate activity detected” and kicks me to offline mode. Does anyone know what changes they made, and how might I still bypass EAC?

We do not support cheating in ONLINE mode, so the solution is to play in OFFLINE mode as the game suggests.

Actually there is a way to bypass or disable EAC, however by doing it you’ll get cut off of playing using online features aka you’ll be offline-solo mode. By which WEMOD very puts isn’t meant to be used “online”, so yes you can bypass EAC and use WEMOD but say goodbye to the online features as by bypassing you’ll get error on connecting to the online services of the game, which is fair since there is online pvp and online co-op and if was allowed it could ruin other players experiences.