Elden Ring stutters when using WeMod

Did the same thing. Works absolut fine for me too. And as cainabaddon said it works for him too its gonna be a problem with WeMod itself. I’m not using a ultra widescreen tho


I’m not on a ultrawide monitor, just use flawless for uncapped frames. Glad it worked for you guys though.

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I will try it too this thread was a big help thanks for the link to this thread!

just wanted to note here that I have the same problem … but a little more often so every 60 to 90 sec.
my hardware is already a little weaker 580x and E3-1245 v3 maybe it helps to fix it.

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Getting this as well. RTX 3080 Ti, 32 GB RAM (plenty free, only time I get anywhere close to 32 GB is when I am programming), temperatures are fine, CPU usage is around the 80% mark. It just stutters ever couple of minutes with the occasional crash to desktop. Ran fine when launched from Steam with WeMod running and not mods, but with mods it starts to poo itself.

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Well they updated the game but fling has not updated the mod on his site yet I know it just came out but I read in the comments of his site that he does not update on his site anymore. So if anyone else has any new news I figured I would just resurrect this thread.

Thanks for the help!

i had this issue while playing elden ring as well. i just started using wemod on sekiro and im having the same studder issue. it always freezes for one second, then its fine for one second, then freezes for another second. then it will happen again a minute or two later. has anyone found a fix other than using a different program?

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Not at all I am just using an outdated menu for Elden ring from the same creator on here just on their standalone website and no one else has responded so I am kind of losing hope…

I lied they just updated on their site two days ago lol