Elgato Stream Deck integration

I would love to be able to control WeMod via my Stream Deck. Similar to what the mobile app, or the XBox-Overlay offer, but on the Stream Deck…
Of course I can create profiles on the Streeam Deck to fire the hotkeys used by WeMod, but still I think a native support would allow much more and would be much more comfortable…


that would be perfect,

preferably with it being a profile/add-on intergration where it changes according to the game you’re playing

I would also love this. I mean, i have hotkeys set on the stream deck to control the wemod application. But a full on plugin that would control the WeMod application would be pretty slick.

Bump, I too would like this integration.

Is there going to be a steam deck version? Are they working on it? This would totally decide whether I’m buying a steam deck.

It is something we would like to do but it is not being worked on. There are a few guides and methods to get it working though.