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Endless Space 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Ok never mind, only crashes when all 4 are enabled.


game crashes om unlimited dust


I’m also having crashing problems with the game. it will crash with a new game using any of the cheat options.


Same here


I’m crashing when I use anything as well.


Yeah, me too my game crashing after use your cheat.


Needs an update. Game crashes once mods are activated. Thanks guys:)


This mod is still out of action. Any chance of an ETA?


Game crash when a mod is activated


Cheat do not work, he is not has in the daytime


@STiNGERR just letting you know trainer isn’t working at all. thanks for the hard work I know youll get to it when you get a chance. thanks


Doesn’t work with current version? (July 27 2017 Version)

Every time I activate a cheat it crashes the game 30 seconds later, no matter the cheat.
not sure if its just me doing it wrong or what, but its not working atm


please update


Please update :slight_smile:


please upgrade. A new DLC came out


pleasee updateee


please update


@STiNGERR Update PLZ! Trainer isn’t working!!!


Sorry @STiNGERR needs a update again… :frowning:


Yet another update…agrrh @STiNGERR won’t be able to catch up… :frowning: