Enter the gungeon traniner not working? (solved)

I’m trying to use the trainer for ETG but it’s not working, as when I press the short cut keys to acitivate/deactivate the cheat nothing happens?
for example using infinite Keys does nothing when pressing the short cut key

Never mind! it fixed itself!

Yeah its the damn notes, they didn’t get ported over to v2.

You need to get hit first before any of the cheats work.

I tied getting hit didn’t work



it just crashes my game


Try it now!

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I did a bit of digging last night and from what I can tell, the GoG version of this game is 32bit and the Steam Version is 64bit.

I bought and paid for the Steam Version of the game and the trainer worked fine!

I hope this saves someone a few hours of scratching their head.


Hope it has been solved from 2 years ago
@Chris. Lock ?