Epic Games Jurrasic World Evo,

Hello, So I had recently installed Jurassic World Evolution on the epic games Launcher. But to my surprise it says I’t says It had not found the game. Any Solutions?

I Cant embed 2 images but it just says “Game Not found” FIX On where you would click play on WEMOD.

Have you tried adding games localization manually? Just search for the game in WeMod app - go on specific trainer page and in place where you’d normally find “play”, there should be something like “fix” - push on it and the field below should appear - drag and drop your .exe file on it - you should be able to start the game via wemod from now on normally. Hope that helps - I’m myself new to wemod so I don’t know many things about it yet, but hopefully we can figure it out.


At this moment no offical trainer have been made for the epic store version of this game but it appears to have exeded the about of vote for a trainer to be made for the epic store version. So one might be made soon when the trainer makers have time to.

If you don’t want to wait you could try @Hegenox’s way but that isn’t always a sure way to make diffrent store trainers to work as Steams and Epics games are sometimes a bit diffrent.


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There currently is no Epic Games trainer for this game, just a Steam one. All trainers need to be voted on by the community to be made via the WeMod desktop app.

Please check the WeMod desktop app. Since the 2nd January, it shows that the Epic version of the trainer is in the queue to be developed when the trainer developer is able to do so.

The advice from Hegenox can also be found in the official thread for the Steam trainer for this game. Note that not all of the cheats work for this method when using the Steam trainer on the Epic version of the game.

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