Error downloading infinity

hi! my infinity has been having problems downloading for me, it just says theres been an error downloading and gives me the setup log thing.
there it is if you need it.

just wondering if you could help me Thanks!

Most issues with setup/downloading are caused by antivirus. Disable it while you install Infinity.

i did it didn’t work

What AV do you have? There are 2 or 3 of them have to be completely uninstalled.



Uhh ok well I won’t go get into why you should delete that virus. You can try this download

uhm… alright… thanks!


didn’t work

anything else i can do @Chris ?

Like I said the only other things I would know to do is 1) Delete the antivirus and 2) Run the installer as admin. Downloading errors are generally caused by your AV deleting files.

ok ill try those

when i try to rus as admin it says this app is not able to run with your pc

and i turned off my av completely

@frank any ideas?

Try rebooting your computer. If that doesn’t work, it’s definitely your antivirus software. You completely uninstalled McAfee and have no other antivirus software installed?