Error in horizon - Windows 10

Error in horizon - Windows 10 That’s what I get when I try to insert a new file on flash drive. When I click any of those buttons nothing happens.There's written: unhandled exception in the application when you click continue, the application will ignore the error and try to continue. Operation with Visual Styles led to an error, because now in the client area stylesSNAG-0003

I Don’t Know What You Mean Because I Would Fix It But I Don’t Know That Type Of Language.

But If I Am Smart Just Reinstall The Client To Continue Modding. :slight_smile:

Amigos no se que pasa con el programa pero no meja subir ni insertar ninguna informacion al la memoria siempre me sale ese error ya lo he disistalo volverlo a instale formatea el pc y nada sigue igual. alguna persona que conozca este error y me ayude. Gracias

No idea what you said need to use english here. But try this