Ever wanted to use more then 16GB? :D

Heres how to get more then 16GB on a xbox 360 using a external hdd , or somthing like 32GB flash drive.

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Step 1

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First step is to add the games or whatever on to your external hdd from your xbox

Step 2

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Next after your games are on it, you want to plug your external hdd in to your computer and open it up so you can see the Xbox360 folder(if the xbox folder isent viewable hit F10 then Tools>Options>View>And click view hidden files and folders.,

Step 3

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Now you’re going to want to Either rename the Xbox360 folder(easiest way) or move it to your desktop.

Step 4

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After you renamed or moved the folder, plug the external hdd into the xbox. It should say configure this device again. So customize it, dont configure it and then add more games. Now your games are still on the device, if you want to play them you just plug teh hdd into your computer again and rename the Xbox360 and then those games should come up. You can only have ONE Xbox360 folder.

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Does this ACTUALLY work? Whats the Biggest Size you can use?

im pretty sure you can just keep going untill your hdd is full.

I mean like can you use a 120GB HDD for this?

nice find if you could keep doing this!!

you should make some video proof of it or something

if its external yes O.o

and a regular xbox hdd, but it will only go up to the amount of the hdd .

i acutally found a youtube video, i should probably give credit O.o ill post the vid



have you done it yet?

Nice share I’ll have to try this out I have a big flash drive :wink:

Works. Tried it without seeing this, and Aden linked me. Just rename the Xbox360 File that is hidden and reconfigure with your Xbox. Or just copy/paste the Xbox360 file.

I just bought a 60gb HDD a hour ago. >_>