Evil Dead The Game - Steam Version

When is the Steam Version of the trainer releasing ? Already exists one for Epic Games version, surely it isn’t hard to make it to Steam as well. I am aware that you guys want “popularity” and stuff like that, but common, the trainer already exists and it has been updated for Epic Games.


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Thank you for your inquiry. The release of trainers on different platforms depends on several factors, including popularity among WeMod users. While a trainer may already exist for the Epic Games version, the availability of a trainer for the Steam version is determined by user demand and other considerations. You can express your interest and receive notifications for a trainer’s release by clicking “Notify Me” on the game’s page in the WeMod app. Cheers!

Aside from the above, about 96% of Steam trainers work on Epic Games versions and vice versa.

You can see if the Epic version works on the Steam game by clicking the arrow on the top right of the trainer and manually linking it to the Steam game’s executable.

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