Evil dead the game

i need help please it keep telling me my mod isnt working then it say im on 32 bit but when i use eacbypass i don’t work for me i need some assistance please

What part doesn’t work when you use the bypass?

yes the bypass

Why do you think the bypass doesn’t work and did you put in the correct folder?

then i get confuse when i go in the game cause i don’t know where to go to play offline

yes i put it in the evil dead folder but it keep saying 34 bit and it only work for 64

That is because the anti-cheat is still active.

how can i turn it off

By running the bypass.

i click on bypass so run the game after

Yes you need to run the bypass exe and click the button to bypass it then close the bypass and run the game through WeMod.

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okay i did but it keep saying 34 bit and it only work for 64 bit

tysm it working

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nvm it still not working i tried everything but no use

do ya’ll have like a video to show us step by step that would be easy

Are you still receiving the same error? We do not have a video for it.

yes i run my 64 bit but it stuck on a load screen

What is stuck on the loading screen?

it saying please wait but when i start it up on epic game it load sayin evil cheat and when i run the wemod it saying that my game is a 32 not no 64 bit so the mod wont work i tried the method so many times it still not working for me

can anybody help me?