Extremely low FPS with WeMod

Hello Devs…

Most of the games do not run well with WeMod running in the background.
for example: WatchDogs2 without WeMod on Ultra stable 60FPS; with WeMod just 10-15 FPS
utilization of the computer system without WeMod is very high, GPU 90-95% and CPU around 50-60% - game runs fine

utilization of the computer system with WeMod is very low, GPU and CPU around 20% - game runs ooof g

i also disabled my AV-software with no success

the 1st and 2nd orange bars marking a game start. 1st without wemod 2nd with
game is closed on 3rd mark

there seems no software which runs havoc, no mass I/O, no mass RAM consumption - just nothing to see
as i said before, this also happens to other games. actually non of my games are playable with wemod
i hope this can be fixed somehow. i can’t do nothing more

i7 7800x, GTX980ti, 32GB DDR4, Win7 x64 ultimate


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Which trainer are you using? I’ll give it a test on my end :slightly_smiling_face:

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Odd, I never had any trouble running any trainers on any of the game I play with WeMod on. Then again, I have never played WatchDogs2 so maybe it’s the specific trainer? Do you use the one for Steam, Uplay, Origin or Epic? Be sure you use the correct trainer for the version of the game you have installed too. A game from Uplay probs won’t work with a Steam copy of the game.
Also, try using task manager to kill other apps that are running in the background if you don’t need them running at that moment to see if that helps any. I always shut down things like Windows Store, Skype and (depending on how much of a ram hog the game is) Discord when I’m about to play a game, having more memory to work with is always better.

I don’t use ■■■■ like Skype or discord or whatever :slight_smile: - in the case of WatchDogs2, it’s just Uplay and the game.
It also doesn’t make sense to terminate sleeping tasks if you have enough resources, in this case CPU time and RAM.

I use Kaspersky Anti Virus, but I turned it off completely. With FarCry 5 it works well with running Kaspersky AV software.
I will investigate the behavior of my system a little further, maybe I can get another hint.
The WatchDogs2 trainer works in the game, so everything is fine except the utilization of the system. Trainer is from MAF Oct.11

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I’ll download Watch dogs 2 and see if I also get extreme frame drops, I’ll post back probably tomorrow due to the download time

EDIT: Got the download finished and played for 20 minutes on 1080p max settings without any drops and all cheats enabled. Seems fine on my end. I know the game itself has had issues. I’d make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date :slightly_smiling_face:


How long has it been since you last ran a disc defrag or file clean up? Also, try resetting your router. See if that fixes anything. Strange problems require strange solutions.

I see you guys do not understand this issue at all. and please Tommy, stop it… i’m not an idiot… your “hints” do not look qualified. i’m really experienced with computer systems. i build my own systems, for around 25 years… i also could not explain why my router should be a problem :slight_smile: really g that makes completely no sense… or the hard disk drive. everything is to get from my screenshot…
@instinct: you also do not really understand what’s goin´on… - there is absolutly no problem with the game. it runs really good without any problems. i wrote it in my first post. the difference between good and bad / without wemod and with wemod is clearly to see in my screenshot.
if you want to make this software better, you really have to take the bugs more seriously… I have found here similar posts to my problem, but no solution…

i do not need wemod, i can play the game without a trainer. and i can use another trainer (no wemod) if i wanna go the easy way.,…

but, anyway, thanks for a test on your own system…

What “we” know atm is that wemod or it’s pieces put the computer system in an unwanted mod which makes it impossible to run the game with the full power of the system. the problem persist even if i close wemod. if i start the game without wemod again then everything is fine. “we” really need more informations about this behavior. when the guy who program this software has any questions i will answer. i might go deeper into my problem if i need to but i’m half done with the game.

good night and good luck :slight_smile:

p.s. i might sound a little harsh but take it easy g

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None of your games are playable with wemod ? Dont think that would be a wemod problem
I have been using wemod 3 - 4 years and I have never had a any frame rate drops well red dead did keep freezing so quit playing it ! And people that did have frame rate drops were for sure mostly caused by antivirus program. I’m sure if it was a bug with wemod would have been fixed quite a few years ago. But there are a handful of people that do run into frame rate drops once in a while

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No worries, you don’t sound harsh to me and I didn’t mean to offend you or be anything aside from helpful. I have limited experience with computer systems in comparison to you but I have seen quite a few threads on various sites where people have had an “aha!” moment after trying what seems to be (at least in my opinion) the most nonsensical of solutions. Thus, I suggested what I knew.

In anycase, have a great day/night and if/when you find a solution to this problem please do share it with us here.

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And what I stated loosely is that it runs well on everyone else’s systems. So if there’s an anomaly it’s with your system. As someone who is experienced with computer system you should know that different configs of hardware can cause weird issues to arise. This goes doubly for Ubisoft games of that time as their optimization for the PC ports of that time had many issues.

If you have time, PM your log from the WeMod app by clicking the Down arrow in the top right corner of the app and select settings and you should see an option to Save Log :slightly_smiling_face:

I would run the trainer with watch dogs 2 first until you experience the issues then save the logs and PM them to me and I’ll pass them on to our Lead Developer :+1:


@ptondo: ya i know, it’s all on my end ;p It doesn’t make sense when the game runs fine without wemod… i disabled my AV software at all and i made exclusions, so everything from wemod is free like a bird :slight_smile: -
“no it’s not wemod :slight_smile: can’t be, it’s quiet impossible. people talking sh*t all the day. why should i believe there could be a problem with wemod, everything is fine on my end.” :kissing_heart:
@instinct: PM is on the way in a minute or so but as far as i could see there are no errors in the log…
i also installed FarCry5 again and gave it a try and this game runs fine with wemod and active trainer.
as far as i remember Tom Clancys Wildlands showed the same problem like WatchDogs2 - i don’t wanna examine this now, maybe l8er

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Thanks for the report and all the info. Your CPU can definitely handle WeMod running in the background, as I’ve tested with less powerful hardware. However, I haven’t tested on Windows 7 in quite a while. Do you have any plans to upgrade to Windows 10? I’m not saying that’ll fix the issue, but there’s a chance. Especially considering Windows 7 is nearing EOL.

In your notes, you said you killed all the Trainer*.* tasks. Does that mean you killed all the threads originating in TrainerLib_x64.dll? If you haven’t, try doing that in Process Hacker. If that doesn’t work, then there must be an issue with the trainer cleaning itself up – possibly leaving code executing in the game in a tight loop that hinders FPS. If this is the case, FPS would still be low when WeMod is fully closed.

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Hi, Frank!

ya, the big Windows problem :). I don’t plan to upgrade to win10. There are too many problems with win10. Loss of control over your own computer system, update behavior and so on… but I can understand when people switch over (win10 is just monopoly monetary policy, which you can’t avoid). The Win10 kernel is actually the Win7 kernel g.

yes, I killed all TrainerLib* tasks (about 15 modules or so) of watchdogs2.exe, but it didn’t work. It might be possible that I can’t see NET tasks going crazy, but no signs of it. when I tab out ofthe game, the rest of the computer is fast (while the game is in the background with autopause). doesn’t say much… i know g.
It may of course be that this problem is only related to Windows7. You have to see if users with this problem play with Win7.
Let me conclude by saying that WD2 is not recovering, even if Wemod was completely closed.

good night and good luck :wink:


This is only happening for WD2, correct?

Try closing the trainer by navigating away from it in the app. It’ll ask if you want to end it. This would perform a more graceful shutdown of the trainer–disabling any cheats that may linger in memory otherwise.

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No, that happens to Tom Clancy’s Wildlands too. From stable 60FPS to 20-30… not that xtreme but also not playable

i moved away from the WD2 trainer screen and wemod msg me. so i closed it a smoother way but -nope- same behavior. WD2 still doesnt recovering from this impact :wink: erm injection.

you guys do not need to hurry. this seems to be a thing where you have to sleep over for some nights g. wemod does something different than a trainer we all know from the past. atm it’s a miracle for me how it is possible to pull down a task so it cannot use the available resources (cpu time/gpu time) - sometimes i think what watchdogs2.exe is waiting for?
good night and good luck g
(i should play Dying Light again)