F1 Manager 2022 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

That happened to me too! I really would like to know if I did something wrong

There is a rule in F1 that there must be at least 1 pit stop.
I got the same results, even though I was 1 and 2 position, after crossing the line, I got automatically last.

This is due to this rule.
My strategy is, if in the race day there is not going to be raining, I start with Medium tires, first round pitstop the first car and change to softs, second round pitstop the second car with softs. Yes this will put you at the last place of the race on the first rounds, but if you use the fuel cheat at the start, the car will be lighter since now you only have a lot less fuel than the rest, and using DRS cheat on and off, you will gain positions. Then your opponents will have to pitstop at some point. So this is how you secure the 1 and 2 position.

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my games always freeze

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My game crashes after playing for a couple minutes every time I play with wemod and tips? also says not responding in task manager

correction “freezes” like BraveString534’s

make sure you are not leaving cheats enabled, they should be toggled on only for a few a seconds to take effect then toggled off again, this has been stated many many times in previous posts

Thanks dad!

And half the cheats are usless because of this requirement, that’s just how it has to go doesnt mean it should however.

Ok I read through all posts since my last visit here and I must say, i am flabbergasted about how people can not read!

To sum it up for all:
Do not use the cheats all the time when in the fast-forward-map-overview-stuff (you know, 16x). Pause it, enable the cheat (most of the time Tires and ERS), look at the values and wait until they’ve recovered, then disable them again and you’re good to go.

Secondly: Do one Pit Stop!

And I also would be happy about a Fast Construction and Development Cheat.

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could you update it because right now only the wind tunnel works for me and the other time cheat nothing els

Mod suggestions: Driver Exp Multiplier

Update pls. Race cheat don’t work in qualification.

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This needs to be updated for latest version…

Crashes After a few minutes

hello, the game still crashes with the trainer, but the best solution is to activate it in the pauses for a while, as they said above. hopefully it can be solved with a new trainer :frowning:

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need updating keep crashing during race

You only need to enable them when needed, as it will lead to crashes

I just want to say, the CFD MAU Hours and Wind Tunnel Hours, doesn’t seem to work. Am I doing something wrong? Any guidance?

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Every cheat works as it should yes but now can you please give manage points cheat pleasee!

I also can’t get the CFD MAU and wind tunnel hours cheat to work. They simply don’t have any effect.
Am I / are we doing anything wrong, is there a certain trick - anything? Any help would be much appreciated.