F1 Manager 2022 suggestions

I have already seen some cheat options that will probably be available for the game but I would have some more options that would be good

  • Unlimited ERS
  • Unlimited money
  • Fast Part Improvement
  • Option to set the morale
  • All drivers scouted
  • Fast Facility Building
  • Statistics boost for new car component^
  • Perfect Setup
  • Unlimited skill points for drivers
  • Track acclimation
  • Car Parts Knowledge
  • Unlimited CFD MAU Hours
  • Unlimited Wind Tunnel Hours
  • Perfect Tire Temperature

One thing that we have to keep in mind is that the cost cap is actually simulated in this game (and can even be changed via the rule changes in-game), so unlimited money by itself is probably not useful past the original 140/145 million allowed. We’ll probably also need a “Total money spent this season” option or fold it into the unlimited money cheat.

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That’s right but the money doesn’t count for the facilities you can improve so the unlimited money would make sense again.

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yes I agree with these suggestions :+1: