Fable 2 gamesave

This is the gamesave for fable 2.

Link: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

hope you like it.

What dose the gamesave contain? I rather not download something with out some nice **** on it.

Contains everything. fully evil. max cash all weapons clothes ect.

Up a full nice save :wink:

Yeah it is :smile:

Might be a dumb question from a n00b, but has anyone gotten his gamesave to work? I was under the impression that Fable II has some sort of check that does not allow outside gamesaves. Update I just tried rehashing/resigning with my creds onto your save and it did not work. If like I said I’m missing something please let me know as I lost my awesome Fable II gamesave long ago. Corrupted

Yeah it works I have done it. Just download it and change the id’s to yours. and put it into your fable 2 data folder.


file download does not work i really want it. updatenvm it just did not work at the movement :smiley:

(o.o) I…love…this!!!

Don’t work anymore for some reason…worked for like 5 minutes then the game shut down and said it was corrupt >.> :anguished:

how do i change the id to mine???

Get your save and the other save into the window and copy and past your ID’s into the other save’s ID’s. Then rehash/resign and drag the save back into Xport360/Xplorer/etc…

ahhh thanks but im still a bit confused were is the id tho soz for the noob questions

When you open it up in Horizon/Modio/Lefluffe you will see two long, rectangular boxes. These contain the ID’s.
They should be long, random number and letters.
The first box of ID’s has a shorter amount of characters than the second.
And you’re welcome.

Will i need the map packs for it or no? :confused:

For some reason i can´t download it… Can you please make a new link?


Gravedig from 2010 much…

I know this is way too far in the past, regardless if you got the save still… can you update the link? If not then no big deal

If you look at the profile of the person who began the thread, you’ll see they haven’t been active since 2016. So probably not.

Anyway since this thread has been necromanced twice now, it’s probably time to close it.
Feel free to start your own thread. Let the dead rest in peace. :stuck_out_tongue: