Fable 3 mod tool or modded game save?

Since the free release of Fable 3, I was wondering if any one knew of a good game save editor or a modded game save start.

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Nope it was getting bad reviews so nobody bothered buying the game or making a editor

Not true at all.

@OP: The trouble with modding the game is that the game corrupts soon after because all the values are constantly changing and modding them usually messes with other data.

The “only” way to mod the game is to load up a modded save on a second xbox and gift yourself all the gear/gold you want.

Fable 3 Modder.zip at Share Send

I literally got it to work. I used Norton to check for virus’s, so there is none unless it gets infected quickly by being uploaded to sharesend but I heard great things about the site, so yea. Also, do it while your online so your game has less chance of freezing, online on your own, is all.

Step 1: Grab Modio or Horizon
Step 2: Grab Usb with Hero 1, 2, or 3 under fable category.
Step 3: Minimize fable and make 2 folders and name one Fable 3 Back-Up & the second one Fable 3 Modded.
Step 4: Extract the Zip Folder into its own file.
Step 5: Maximize Horizon again and drag the hero save into horizon
Step 6: Go to the package contents, highlight all contents, hit extract and save it under Fable 3 Back-Up. Repeat into the Modded Folder.
Step 7: Open Fable 3 Save Editor
Step 8: hit the button called open
Step 9: Open the herosave.bin under the fable 3 modded folder.
Step 10: Hit the Button that says lots of health, gold, and guild.
Step 11: Go up to top left corner like your going to close it and hit save 5 times.
Step 12: Go to package in horizon and go to contents again, the one save that is still on the usb.
Step 13: Replace the checksumsave.bin, not inject new, but replace.
Step 14: Then repeat, on with the herosave.bin
Step 15: Hit big red button called save/rehash/resign 5 times.
Step 16. Insert modded usb into game and hit start.
Step 17: Enjoy.

I have officially not tried the other tools it has but it does work, you just have to be on your save file, save it in game, then go to start screen, and pull zip, then mod it, then load it back in so it clears…

I modded the game when I was in the quest before all the end of the world area’s so I could save everyone as you need 7,100,000 million to save them all from the darkness and more for every promise you want to keep.


If your willing to mod, you are willing to search to find things, legitly I actually found it here on xboxmb.

I trust almost everything on this site and se7ensins as they hate virus’s as well.

I have a save almost 100% complete hit me up for it i got you man :smile:

using the tool, does anyone know how to mod the keys…? or change the color of my daughter green. :wink:

Which tool are you using? I have used only one but didn’t like it so i just beat the game.

@ cosmic lightning…you didn’t run into any problems with the save corrupting when you saved and reloaded it? I’ve run into the same problems that xAnimal referred to in his post above.

I had a way to do so via my thread I made when the game came out… Might of been patched though.

As for people saying the game got bad reviews… no. It was a really good game with a good story.

Can anyone test the method cosmic is presenting?

Also… I scanned the application on virus total and it came up 28/47, kinda sketchy.

iv tryd for a whole day to mod this game and it will always corrupt as soon as you leave the dweller camp and start in the in the cave, at that point if you save and then leave fable 3 it will not work when you start it back up some people get very lucky and it don’t right away but it will trust me iv spent 2 days on this don’t waste ur time just trade your self some money and then play the game int ill your king then mod the money on a second profile and become business partners so your money is all together then deposit it all in the treasury this way is allot faster since when gifting you can only do 100k

Odd, must of just got one, as I scanned with Norton, then with Malware, then with Mcaffeee & did this by turning off each one. So I dunno what to tell ya. Norton found virus’s before I got it then I did it again & nothing popped that i know off, no emergencies or anything.

Oh well.

If you want op, if you need just money, hit me up & I’ll give you money, or send me your save. I’ll do it & send it back. Anyone have a mediafire account free I can borrow so the link can’t get infected…

I was also told some virus places are also treating it as 1 as its gui was made using qt, xbox360haven has this.

You had to mod before a certain part of the game for it to not corrupt. I think it’s at the start before you buy your first set of clothing? Been awhile since I have done it.

Odd, I modded right when your fighting your way to the castle, when the game was not trying to work itself out.

I just helped out another person, he tried it, corrupt. Then I tried it, corrupt. He saved his old one again. And tried it like I said and got it to work.

So, its 50/50.

Must be in spot without any combat going on. Must have no quests active or can be as long as they are light quests to not strain the game.

And choose a place that was in the beginning of the game, the very first place you were at, not the castle, but how you escaped, that is best place to save game. Then pull zip drive and follow my guide. Just pull.

using the tool, does anyone know how to mod the keys…? or change the color of my daughter green.

Nope. If you don’t even mod it you still get save corrupted until you get to bowerstone industrial (I think that’s what it’s called) and then saving there it won’t corrupt. I know a friend that didn’t save tell there, modded his save and it hasn’t corrupted yet, but iv done multiple saves and saved all the way up to before you get there and each time it’s corrupted.

I done some digging, if your using the one I provided, corrupt file fix

  1. Configure USB stick with Xbox 360 and move your corrupt Fable 3 save to the USB stick.

  2. Download Horizon from here: DepositFiles

  3. Plug USB stick into computer and open Horizon, click games and then click grey arrow next to Fable 3 and drag save to the middle of the window.

  4. Create a new folder on your desktop and name it anything you like. I named mine “Fable Save” just to make it easier.

  5. In Horizon click extract all and direct it to the folder we just created on the desktop.

  6. Once all extracted go ahead and open that folder and delete “herosave.bin” & “mainsave.bin” (These are the corrupt files).

  7. Rename “failquestherosave.bin” to “herosave.bin” and also rename “failquestmainsave.bin” to “mainsave.bin”.

  8. Download Checksumsave fixer from here: DepositFiles

  9. Open up Checksumsave fixer and click the big “FIX” button and direct it to the new folder we created on the desktop.

  10. Once thats done, download the Fable 3 Mod Tool from here: DepositFiles

  11. Open the Fable 3 Mod Tool via “fable3_save_editor” and click open then direct it to “herosave.bin”

  12. Click “Lots of Health, Money and Guild Seals” and then save changes.

  13. Now go back to Horizon and replace all contents EXCEPT “failquestmainsave.bin” & “failquestherosave.bin” these 2 files MUST be deleted.

I have not tested this, but this might work. Enjoy.

Well if you guys want money and weapons/furniture etc… Hmu on xbox, I will gladly give it. GT: GSR Blue Evo9