Fable 3 Money Glitch Tutorial

This is already known but I can’t find a tutorial where people actually are saying this is how to do it, and this is what it does… Without further ado… Here we go! You can do this with any amount of gold but the easiest way is to use 100,000 gold to start, then do 1million at a time as you will be making 1mil every 5-10 seconds depending on how fast you are. The video is right here:

1 ) Load up Fable 3 and stand somewhere secluded to make this easier.
2 ) Turn on your second controller and click start to join the game; you can use another profile(offline or online)
3 ) Your MAIN account gives (x) amount of gold to SECOND account
4 ) You then go into Santuary as SECOND account and go to where the gifts are.
5 ) Simply click the gift; but DO NOT accept - Click REJECT!
6 ) Go over to the right wall and click the options, and LEAVE on 2nd profile.
7 ) Repeat step 4 till 6 and each time you reject the gift the (x) amount of gold will be sent back to your main profile; and when you leave and log back on it glitches into keeping the gift second from your main to second there.
8 ) When you reach a desired amount of gold, go into Santuary on main profile and accept all the (x) gold presents.

I do believe item glitching this way also works - Try it! Starting off is the slow part; once you hit 1mil each transfer by gifting your second profile more cash and then repeating above it goes about 1mil every 5-10 seconds.

Video Tutorial does not belong to me

now i get it

No problem: If people need help or only have like 200 gold in the game and need some cash to start off doing the glitch… Message me here or private message. Easy to do once you get use to it.

do you think you could hit me up with some cash? I just got the game playing it now, i also have the new dashboard so i can’t talk in a party message me on aim: A7xsavior

Kk. Will do; Invite Stevie Rox whenever.

My buddy and i found out of to hack it. it sucks because if you give gift you can only hand over 100000 at a time.

works like a charm! Very good tutorial :smile: fiance and i sat there for a good hour and wound up with 30 mil each lol

because this was already posted in several different parts of the forum.

but good job.

Thanks to this I don’t have to worry about my treasury.
A good 28 million is in it (:

It’s quite quick and easy todo. I also heard you need a lot of cash in the game to be good so… it should help :wink:.

I didn’t really see any detailed posts on how to do this; I did however ask if someone could give me 100k to start doing this, in which i believe you posted a tutorial. I think that thread died though…

Same, I’m at about 40mil… If you guys don’t want to lose it all after you get the key; me and my friend glitched it that he couldn’t see the money pile somehow, I guess lag, and he opened the chest for me and got me the items. the money pile then disappeared and lagged out for me allowing me to open it a second time getting double the items… And then when I backed and we came in the gold was still there. So I opened up chest and got the items twice without losing the gold… Try it if you want.

Yeah about 8-10 was enough for my hero to come out ontop and pure good and get some extra goodies :smiley:

Works great with everything… If you are short on cash in the beginning just gift all your stuff then sell it. Then you have some money to start duping.

Wow thanks, im going to have to try when I get it.

So if I were to send you an invite through Xbox, you’d help me get 100k to start this up?

Yea; invite me i’m available now.

Hey, can I invite you later and get some money? I’ll pay all of it back if you need me too once i get some more.

erm this has been patched with the update hasnt it?

As of last night, I was still able to do the glitch with two off-line players (2 controllers) even with the latest patch.

I did not know about the update guys, as I just woke up. If this was patched; Fable 3 is simply an offline game… I’m not sure if it’ll work but try to clear cache, stay offline, do the glitch to your desired amount, then connect to xbox live and your money should stick.

Yeah it still works, my apologies