Fable Anniversary Gamesave editor

This will be my first proposal for a game save editor so bare with me.

Game Title: Fable Anniversary

Game ID:4D530A87

Mods Wanted: Ageing, height, muscle mass, rune markings slider.

This isn’t for a specific save as much as a program in itself. I realize the game has only been out for a few weeks (hence this being a proposal) If needed I will offer my save to help work on it.

Thanks all,

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I would like to see this editor made, as well! Also, a scar slider/remover would be helpful, too, since scars are permanent.


What about EXP and Skills?

Ya really you forgot the xp and skills too…

Maybe a later time yes, but my aim at this point is to focus on things that really can’t be achieved in game such as massive “backwards ageing”, muscle reduction, adjustments of rune markings, shrinking, or scars (which Templar Knight made a good point with, I hadn’t thought of that). That said once these are achieved we can easily make way for modifiers to skills, exp, possibly alignment, and even specialty items such as elixirs, “ages of” potions, possibly even silver keys. It’s just a matter of getting those with more experience than myself on board for this project. If anyone is willing to, please give me a shout.

im interested in this as well

try this http://www.360haven.com/forums/threads/30812-Fable-Anniversary-Ultimate-Starter

or this http://www.360haven.com/forums/threads/31073-Fable-Anniversary-Editor

A Google search really helps you find stuff, it is like magic

I would also really appreciate this. Especially if there was a money editor involved. Game saves are rubbish. they all corrupt after the orchard farm quest.

Did you not see my post it has an editor link and works for gold

Actually the one done by idlehands88 on 360Haven does not corrupt at any time throughout the game.

Can someone upload to mediafire I don’t have a 360haven account

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seeking a editor with which I can edit gold but the works of 360haven not do that with offzip wants me just does not work

I’ve tried accessing the save and editor on 360haven using both Firefox and Chrome. In both cases it comes up with a dumb message that Internet Explorer is not supported and that they recommend Firefox or Chrome. I AM using Firefox, it’s the default browser, but IE is of course installed on the machine as well, but not running (checked in task manager)!!!

Because it always jumps to “http://www.360haven.com/ieblock/” after login, I can’t even send them a bug report asking what on earth is going on!

I appreciate this is not strictly an HorizonMB problem, but in the abscence of a Horizon Fable Anniversary editor or savegame, I need to access the ones linked to on 360haven.

Can anyone help out please? It would be very much appreciated!!

Id really like to see this one made no offense to the one thats out there it does work but I want a age mod and appearance mods
Cheers :slight_smile:

I guess there must be some huge animosity between 360Haven and Horizon and Modio of which I wasn’t aware. Sorry!

I still can’t access 360Haven, so I guess I’ll just have to use the known features/glitches of Hobbe killing, Magic with Maze, and buying/stealing goods and reselling instead.

Hope Horizon and UnknownV2 comes up with an editor as I don’t have time to do one myself even though I’ve hex edited several games in the past.

I NEED and would like a place to Fable Anniversary with MOD to Life EXP etc.

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Can you make cheats for the game