Failed to Connect to Server or are in Offline Mode? Look here!

Getting this?

Or this?

Well here’s a quick fix and will have you back on track to your modding!

Firstly, try disabling Windows Firewall as that usually blocks Horizon from connecting to the server:

[details= Windows Firewall]1. First off, click your start orb, .

2. You should now see something like this:

3. Click on Control Panel:

4. You should then see something like this:

If you don’t, go to up to View By: then select Small Icons, .

5. Once you’re there, proceed down to where it says Windows Firewall, .

6. Click on that then you should see this:

7. Navigate over to Turn Windows Firewall on or off,

8. Click on that, then you should see this:

9. On both, Home or work (private) network location settings and Public network location settings, set them to Turn Windows Firewall off, .

10. Run Horizon and you should be in online mode!

Note: You can enable these settings once more when not using Horizon, just be sure to disable them while you are.[/details]

Secondly, try this version of Horizon:

Lastly, you can try to disable your anti-virus. Here’s a couple of brief tutorials on the popular anti-virus software:


  • Right-click the “Avast” icon in the system tray on the taskbar.
  • Choose “Open Avast User Interface.”
  • Choose the “Real-Time Shields” option.
  • Select each of the shields and click “Stop” for each one.
  • Click the “Firewall” option and turn it off.


  • Open the AVG Program.
  • On the Tools menu, click Advanced settings.
  • Click Temporarily disable AVG protection in the menu on the left side.
  • Select the Temporarily disable AVG protection check box, and then click OK.
  • Choose how long you want the protection to be disabled and whether to disable the Firewall as well, and then click Disable real-time protection.


  • Please navigate to the system tray on the bottom right hand corner and look for an open white umbrella on red background (looks to this: )
  • right click it-> untick the option AntiVir Guard enable.
  • You should now see a closed, white umbrella on a red background (looks to this: )


  • Double click on the system icon for Bit Defender.
  • When the Bit Defender window appears, move mouse arrow to the left side and click >> Virus Shield.
  • Move mouse arrow to the black check by Virus Shield is enabled and click.
  • The black works will change to red, >> Virus Shield is disabled.
  • Move mouse arrow to the top right corner and click the down arrows.
  • Bit Defender is now inactive.
  • To enable Bit Defender, do the same steps except click to enable.


  • Please navigate to the system tray on the bottom right hand corner and look for a
  • right click it-> select Pause Protection.
  • click on -> By User Request
  • a popup will claim that protection is now disabled and a sign like this: will now be shown.


  • Please navigate to the system tray on the bottom right hand corner and look for a sign.
  • Right-click it -> chose “Exit.”
  • A popup will warn that protection will now be disabled. Click on “Yes” to disable the Antivirus guard.

MS Essentials:

MS Essentials
  • Open MSE and go to Settings > Real Time Protection.
  • Then uncheck “Turn on real time protection”.
  • Exit MSE when done.


  • Please navigate to the system tray on the bottom right hand corner and look for a .
  • right-click it -> chose “Disable Auto-Protect.”
  • select a duration of 5 hours (this assures no interference with the cleanup of your pc)
  • click “Ok.”
  • a popup will warn that protection will now be disabled and the sign will now look like this:

If you have any others, PM me and I will add it to the thread.

Anyways, I hope this has helped some people as there have been many threads regarding server issues.

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ive tried like everything. the other horizon version the 404 website address or whatever doesnt exist.

This thread is old and the link is no longer valid. You can download the latest version of horizon at

didn’t work


How didn’t it work? It will be impossible helping you unless you are more descriptive of your issue.

Doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried all of these and I don’t even have an antivirus installed!

I have tried the steps above and it is still saying “Failed to connect to sever”. I have even uninstalled Horizon and downloaded it again. Help?? :cry:


Hi, thanks alot!
Here is what I did: I first deleted that folder (temp in appdata) as you mentioned. Then made an exeption for Horizon in my Win Firewall…I allowed it to run.
Next, I disabled Win Firewall for a while, ran Horizon which was GreaTTT.
Finally, I activated my firewall and checked if HOzHOz still worked…and guess what happened! HOzHOz is GreaTTTTTT

horizon is still doing this what is wrong with it?

Click this link to go to this helpful topic.

Your link literally does not help fix his scenario at all…
@kFDreamz something on your end is blocking Horizon from connecting from the Internet on your end. Most likely an antivirus, Anti-Malware or a firewall. Depending on your OS and you have to figure out how to unblock Horizon and add it as an exception.

Thank you for the help bro I got it working now!

Hi everyone… I was just wondering if anyone could help me as I cant open Horizon. It keeps on saying 'Failed to connect to server. I have Malwarebytes anti-virus and i have added an exclusion for Horizon and it still cannot run. Please can someone help me.

@SoulStealer0604 follow these steps

Thanks for the help, I will find out my admin password and try it out!
I really hope it works!
If it doesn’t, I don’t mind I just like it that someone has tried to help :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

I already disabled the firewall and it still does not work! I do not use anti viros! I do not know what faso and problem started after I formatted my computer before it worked … PLEASE HELP ME !!!

did not work


i have my firewall offline, and no anti virus installed… but horizon dont go online :frowning:

i just had this pop up for me for the first time but i did everythge but it was working fine last night but now im geting this so i dont know whats going on