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I have that same issues

still crashing on steam

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Anyone else getting crashes while having any option enabled only when trying to transfer items. As soon as i press the button for transfer its an instant crash. No other mods enabled from anywhere else, nexus and fallouts mods are not enabled at all.

Freeze Settlement Size isnt working for me. Brand new playthrough, started after the Next Gen Update 2 came out and all my settlements (so far I have Sanctuary, Tenpines Bluff, Greygarden, Finch Farm and of course The Castle) get capped out and keep getting message, “Cannot build anymore.”

Collect Weapons drop them in the Settlement and Scrap them :wink: it will reduce the Settlement size

Or Download the Mod “Place in Red - Reborn” from Nexus → Place In Red - Reborn at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community (Cheat Engine File Recommendet, since the Mod has issues)

It has a setting for “Resets settlement size to 0 and keeps it there”

I´m having crashes when WeMod activated in game. Without not happening… someone else? Tried to repair my files but wasn´t helping.

Using Wemod causes the game to crash after 30 minutes, 1 hour

No crashes here, since I updated my graphics drivers.
The “new” Next Gen update they did caused A LOT of crashes and bugs even without using Wemod.

sigue dando problemas, ya desactive free crafting pero ahora en una mision que hago al resolverla sigue no la da como acabada, sigue marcando la mision.

Maybe Im mistaken, but isnt the “Freeze Settlement Size” on here supposed to keep the settlement size from capping out? Before the latest Wemod update, I was building massive city-size settlements that were also very decorated. Now, Im limited to a very small, very sparsely decorated settlement.

I don’t know how it actually worked or works since i drop weapons and scrap them if i need it or i use the “Resets settlement size to 0 and keeps it there" from the Cheat Engine file

Collecting weapons is easy with with unlimited weight on and it is an inbuild option to decrease the settlement size.

Are you sure because i can play 4-8 hours and it never crashed since the latest update.

Be sure your drivers are all up to date und be sure you don’t have “Weapon Debris” is off, because this will crash your game always, since it is not supported from nVidia anymore (since many years)

Settlement size unlimited not working - still increase a maximum size, and after delete parts of settlements are not decrease from maximum … Can you fix it ?

i had same problem, before the latest patch it was working but now its not again

game still crashing

Game crashes when removing stuff from my settlement, I dont have unlimited settlement mod turned on just ammo and recoil thats it but now crashes when doing the above, re downloading again now

Yes, latest version not work properly, you must turn off unlimited settlement size before you delete some stuff from settlement.
We must wait for next version.