Fallout 4 DLCS?

Is there anyone that knows where I can download fallout 4 DLCS so I can put it on horizon? I did that with fallout 3.

Buy them :slight_smile:

You can only get DRM free DLC for free which I highly doubt FO4 is.

I downloaded all the fallout 3 dlcs for free because someone uploaded theirs so I downloaded it and injected it to my flash drive with horizon and it worked.

That only worked because they were DRM free.

Whats DRM?

digital rights management

Fallout 3 DLCS weren’t free so someone uploaded theirs and I used it and got it working.

Drm controls what the user does with the product fall out 3 didn’t have drm

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Just go to the pirate bay and download them. Their is literally nothing hindering you from playing the dlc.

You’re wrong. That will only work on a modified console. Fallout 3 has a game of the year edition with DRM free DLC files on its second disc.

Fallout 4 isn’t even for Xbox 360 and on Xbox One stuff like this isn’t even close to being possible yet.


for some reason, i didn’t even realize this was for 360. So i’m ■■■■■■■ blind. Disregard what i said then.

Plus Xbox one is so different than 360. Its not that easy to move things to ur flash drive on ur xbox one.