Fallout 76

was just curious not sure if i can post or ask sorry if not
i was wondering if people could possibly vote for fallout 76 pc (windows 10) (gamepass xbox)
or if its even possible since its a always online game im a 1st member so i wont be using it to grief players online
there is already a request going for the game just asking for votes please and thanks

No. We dont make trainers for online games only. Sorry.
Just singleplayer games.

may i ask why there is a request for it just curious as people are losing there votes and thats ok i wasnt sure thats all thank u for the response

A lot of online games tend to have votes but its usually understood that trainers for online games is a big no no but some of them don’t know this so they vote anyway.

Yes, it’s pretty much common knowledge that trainers are cheats for single-player games.

It seems a few people incorrectly assume WeMod makes hacks, which are cheats for online games and completely different things from trainers.

Those putting their votes into online games will get their votes returned to them. Eventually.

You can make sure a trainer is possible before voting by searching for it here: https://www.wemod.com/cheats/fallout-76-trainers

im pretty new to all this thats why i am asking thanks for the reply