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Fallout 76

hopping for a fallout 76 trainer some time “note avoid speed mods”
basic mods like health, AP, weight, ammo, items, money, maps ok

Unfortunately, everything for FO76 is server-side so a trainer cannot be created for this game.

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Welcome to WeMod. :slight_smile:

Forgive me for asking, but are you new to trainers?
To expand a little on what Chris said, trainers are only intended for single-player games that run from your own RAM. Trainers work by altering some values in the RAM and injects the changes into the game you’re playing. I think, anyway, lol. Since Fallout 76 is server-sided, this isn’t possible.

Attempting to use cheats, such as trainers, in most online games (including co-op) will not only fail miserably but will also usually, roughly at a guess 90% of the time, result in you being automatically banned by a cheat detection bot (or the new trend seems to be dumping cheaters into their own private server, so you’ll be playing against other cheaters only).

Again, welcome to WeMod and welcome to the world of trainers. Cheat to your heart’s content, but only in single player, offline and non-server sided games. :smiley: