Fallout New Vegas modding tool!

I searched on here but could not find a thread with this info, i am sure there may be one and if so please disregard this.

Here are the files youll need:

The modding tool:


and Microsoft .NET Framework 4 web installer you may need if the tool is messing up on you:

Download details: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer)

make sure you have played the game through the first level or so.

  1. After you get those setup, simply open the game save using the tool, pick that your not using pimp boy.

  2. You can mod S…P.E.C.I.A.L stats as well as inventory.

I do not advise modding any skill set.
The inventory is my fav tweak and you can search a database of items.


  1. What you do is once you find something you like in the database by searching a key word like “bottlecap”(button is found at the top of the tool) double click it in the search window, close it.

  2. Now go to a item,something you dont normally use, (like a empty bottle). you wish to replace it with and double click the offset number for the item to be replace or modded, It should auto enter the new offset number.

5.Put in the amount of the item you want and the condition(if applicable to item) then click update.

  1. When your done save the file, rehash and resign using Horizon and put back on your HDD. Your good to go!

You may be over encumbered with all the additional items that you wish to add, so its best to have your save near a footlocker or some type of storage are in the game you like to use. Dump off the thing you dont need right then to met your weight limits. The first time i used this my save for some reason ended up with a ton of extra dynamite, surely something to do with the abrupt end to support for this tool.

Please post any additional question you may have here and i will try my best to help.:smiley:

Again im sorry if this was already posted but couldnt find it here

This was a great program until they shut the site down :anguished: nice find.

Periods. Use them.

And try writing the tutorial in steps, to make it more clear and easier to read. I already gave you a thanks though, for the effort. If there was any. :expressionless:

Ok cool, i will put up a nicer more organized tutorial next time, and edit this one as soon as i can. My 2yo is sick and very needy today so was in kind of a rush, my bad.

Is there no way to just add unlimited weight and put god mode on?

You can maybe just add a lot of HP to the character. And then your invincible!