Fallout new vegas save/editor?

Is there a fallout new vegas save editor? or maxed out save game

I’ll make a save for you.

-What DLCs do you have?
-Armor, Weapons, items?
-Perks, Traits?

Decide what you want.

Name - Todd
Race - White?
DLC - Honest Hearts, Old World Blues
Perks, Traits - Dont Care Just Melee/Big Weapons (BEAST TANK!)

FalloutNV VE

That save editor is the best one for New Vegas out there but it can only do so much. You can do more by converting saves and messing with it on the PC. I did give him the save though.

On my own save I have the entire Penthouse in the Lucky 38 upgraded yet I play the game on 360…and that’s only one part of what I have done.

Check out my list of maxed out saves. These are all awesome :sunglasses:


Thanks guys i think i may want to mod my inventory ill try to figure it out :smile: i dont wanna spoil the game i wanna do some work what do you guys recommend i mean I beat the main storyline 5 or 6 times different playthroughs and endings but now i got dlc all of it and i just kinda want the main story line and all that goes with it done and ill go through and do side stuff and dlc main and side

Try creating your own save and mess with several different things. (there is more satisfaction to seeing what you make actually work)

You can customize the Mojave to your liking.

If you do want to do this then I recommend getting FoNV on the PC (pirate it if you want) and make sure you have the GECK and the dlc that you have on the 360.

Just open your save in Horizon, extract Savegame.dat then change the extension to .fos (so it looks like Savegame.fos) then drop it in your New Vegas PC save folder.

Load the game to what you want then once you save grab the save and rename it Savegame.dat and, using Horzion, replace the old one that is in your file with the new one and Rehash and Resign and it will work.

thanks i downloaded the geck and fallout nv on my pc despite it being able to run it but geck loads up just fine i just didnt know how to edit my save

my laptop can barely run FoNV (even with everything at the lowest setting) but it still lets me do what I want with it.

Some good commands are some of the ones on the fallout wiki.
Check both Fo3 and FoNV since they share a lot of the commands.

One good command that I have used a lot that isn’t on the wiki is PlaceAtReticle XXXXXXXX

it is a great one to use if you want to place static objects in specific areas.

Would you be able to make me a save? every time I try I just end up failing.:frowning:

Go there. That’s the falloutNV VE website

Ive tried and nothing works someone who can either direct me to a good semi simple hex editor for New Vegas for the Xbox 360 or simply create one then thank you.

Stats for character
Name Vito
Race Hispanic
character design
Blastback hair style (Black)
soulpatch beard(Black)
Both Black
Start in good sprigs after 1st mission
High weight capacity
Max Caps 10 stats except for luck at 9
weapons .44mag
Alot of ammo
Armour Sherrifs Duster.
much love to anyone who can help

Hey, I was wondering if you could PLEASE make me a save for the PC or Xbox 360 ( I play on the PC, but can convert it.) The reason I’m asking is because I beat the game on the 360, accident-lay deleted my save, and I don’t wanna do it over again, could I have

-Name (Dustin)

-(Race) White

-(DLCS)Old World Blues, Dead Money, Honest Hearts, and Lonesome Road (Could you make it so I have all of them done with good karma)

-(Items) NCR Veteran Armor, YCS/186 Gauss rifle, all keys, 200 Stimpaks, 10 Rad-away, 10 Rad-x, 20 Anti-venom, and 20 Bitter Drink and 100 Stimpaks
-(S.P.E.C.I.A.L, perks, Traits and skills) Strength: 5, Perception: 7, Endurance: 5, Charisma: 5, Intelligence: 8, Agility: 5, Luck: 5 Good karma perks, (Skills) 100 Barter, Energy Weapons, Speech, Repair, Science, Melee Weapons, and however much u can get out of guns

-All locations discovered

-All good karma quests done

-Make it so Im ready to take over Vegas

-All good karma

… I know this is a lot to ask, but I really dont want to do it ALL over again…

Thanks, Dustin :smile:

Hey, I’m just wondering… Um, how do I play my Mods Online? So, I can connect it to my friend so he can use it also? I’m doing the Max Ammo Mod on Gears of War 1 and I’m doing a Online Co-Op Campaign and I want my friend to also get the Max Ammo that I have. How do I do it? :confused:

Hey, I’m just wondering… Can you make me a Save Game for Fall Out 3 (Xbox 360) and Dead Rising 2 Please?

are you still able to do the save files cuz mine wont mod right and this would be 10times easier if you could help me

-Ultimate Edition
-A good mix of rifle’s (inc. Varmint) and Carbines and also Cowboy Repeater and Lever-Action Rifle, as for Armor NCR, and Merc armor
-All male perks and traits and a mix of Science, Intelligence and Speech

That’s if you wouldn’t mind please dude

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