Fallout: New Vegas save game editor xbox one

Hi all. Could anybody tell me if there is a way of editing a save file for fallout new Vegas on xbox one? I have tried finding the save file on the xbox to copy onto my laptop but I cant seem to find one. Has anybody found another way to do it?


Welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, there are no save editing tools available for the Xbox One as of yet. If you have a 360 and can find a save editor for Fallout NV, you can take advantage of the cloud save feature that will let you use your 360 save (modded or not) on your Xbox One since the game is backward compatible. Unfortunately, Horizon doesn’t support Fallout NV so you will have to look elsewhere for a save editor for it.

Let us know if you need anything else :smiley:

Is there any save game editors available anymore for fnv and fo3 for 360?

Hey @jj54654.

Your best chance is to Google around and see if you can find one that isn’t sketchy (maybe from TheTechGame or Nexusmods). Chances are that someone made save editors for those games.

Hope this helps you out :slight_smile: