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Far Cry 2 Save Set?

Hello guys,

Going back over some old games to get the achievements to 100%.

Does anyone have a Save Set for Far Cry 2 on the xbox for achievements?

Welcome to the community!

Personally, I check for saves. They have the most variety for hundreds if not thousands of games for all different consoles/PC.

Be sure to use Horizon to change the IDs to match those of your profile/console before plopping them onto your 360 since the save will likely show as corrupted.

Post back if you run into any roadblocks or have any questions :smiley:

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Thanks for the Welcome & info!

Unfortunately, when searching the Tech Game downloads, there is only 1 achievement save set and its corrupt!

Do you happen to know any other locations for game saves?


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Can you link to the exact save you downloaded at TTG? I’ll attempt to use it and see if it’s corrupt for me too. I’ve never gotten any files from TTG for Xbox 360 games that were corrupt.

Sometimes saves were created with DLC present for the game. You may need the DLC & a title update for the save to work properly. Again,link me to it, maybe we can get it sorted. And if you didn’t change the IDs that will also not allow the save to show up in game.

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Thanks for taking a look.

It seems the actual upload are corrupted rather than the save games if you would. Once ive extracted the ZIP, they are insstantly corrupted other than a few of save parts 3 & 4.

The link is: