Far Cry 5 can't kill Faith Seed

I am using the stingerr trainer. In the boss fight to kill Faith Seed, I see off all her attacks and those of her angels but with her health bar almost to zero her “final image” never appears, just the yellow cursor. I can thus never finish her off and am stuck at this point. I have deleted and redownloaded the game but the same problem occurs. Any ideas welcome.

There is a multitude of known bugs with the missions. Unfortunately, Ubisoft isn’t updating the game anymore and are just telling people to restart the campaign. Myself and another staff member played the entire campaign without any issues so I don’t think this is WeMod related.

Hi Chris,
Thanks so much for responding! I played around with the cheat codes and found that if I just used the unlimited health code- numpad 1- but nothing else, the issue went away. Now for Joseph!
Cheers Nick

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Thank you so much Chris, that worked for me…ty ty ty

I was just about to call it when I found your note. Worked perfectly. Thanks.

This worked for me too, thanks so much!

Just in case anyone else is still looking for this bug, only switching on ‘unlimited health’ and disabling all the rest does indeed do the trick!
It also helped on some other quests (most notably collecting the bull balls of all quests…) where I got stuck.
Thanks a bunch!