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Far Cry 5 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Is it possible that the game is activating slower than Infinity?


That date is something to do with the game updates not when the trainer was updated
If infinity has updated you are on the newest update for the trainer


3.7 GB update on U-Play is out now.



I’ve been a frequent Infinity user for a couple months now and I absolutely love it. I’ve used the trainer for many games such as some of the Far Cry games, but now I have an issue with the trainer when trying to use it with Far Cry 5 through Uplay.

I got some help from the mods in the Discord channel and one told me to make a thread asking STiNGERR to maybe fix the trainer to be compatible with Uplay’s version of Far Cry 5.

Thanks in advance,



i am having a similar issue running the trainer through uplay. Do you mind sharing what you did to get it to work ?


as of right now the infinity doesnt pick up that i have far cry 5 installed and when i manually attach the .EXE file i get an error saying that


Have you verified the files ? Ran the game through uplay first ? Then try the trainer
And it already works for uplay version


How do we do the special file patching part?


Infinity does that automatically but according to a post above yours there was another update to the game meaning it won’t work until the cheats get updated again.


i have verified the files and have tried running it through uplay first before i try and start the trainer but i still get the same error. If i try to start the game through infinity i still get the same error also


I as well have the same issue and have verified the files, then started the game then run Infinity, all multiple times with this same issue. When it does start the game crashes within a few seconds after loading the map, but it sometimes doesn’t even get that far.


Im not kidding i think ubisoft watches and when every body updates their trainers they push an update for the game just to break the trainers !
Gotta wait till stinggerr updates again and again and again …


You may very well be right but let me tell you the only thing they have succeeded in is making sure I never purchase from them again!


Follows the pattern of the game itself. As soon as I start to have fun—and when it’s fun it’s been a real blast–the game hijacks me into some stupid timed mission full of long cut-scenes that I can’t possibly get thru without cheats…@@%$$ French or French Canadians, or whatever they are, they are A-holes !


Continuing my rant about Ubisoft–it looks like they resented the open world mods like Ziggy’s and Swartz–mods that gave me MANY more hours of fun than I got from the Vanilla versions of Far Cry 3 and 4.
I think they made it almost impossible for someone to mod FC 5 this way with the weird mission structure and RP system.
Jerks !


I get a message that infinity is unable to patch my game, that I maybe run an unspported version. How can I find what version that is? Farcry5.exe says it’s
On a sidenote: It didn’t see my game initially, I had to drag&drop the dektop link


We replaces it with what


With a DLL that does nothing. For older versions of the game, it’ll do some extra patching work in-memory, but I don’t think anybody is using those versions anymore.


just checked, I got version 1.4 Gold Edition (v1.4 [05.04.2018]), this should work, right?


Pirated versions probably wouldn’t work. EAC might be completely removed causing Infinity to get confused.