Far Cry 5 not working through Infinity

Just updated Infinity and now when I go to open Far Cry 5 through Infinity I’m just stuck waiting after I click “Play”.
Anyone else have this problem?

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for me, it does not even appear!

It didn’t appear for me at first, but then I saw there was an update for Infinity. Updated, then the game was there but didn’t open

I am having the same issue…will not start after clicking on PLAY

Still not fixed for me!

No Far Cry 4, 5 or Primal. Nothing there

Just downloaded the new update for Infinity and it’s all fixed. I guess just a bug from the last update.

Verified the files, linked the game exe— we good :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you !!

Still unable to get Far Cry 5 to run. The game shows in my “Owned” field buy there is no “Play” button and unable to drag icon or link .exe file. Unable to remove game name from “Owned” column. Uninstalled Infinity multiple times and deleted all folders. Reinstalled and same issues as listed above. Any suggestions?

I am also having the same issue. I updated Infinity and it could not find the game so linked it and now its not showing the play button or any old versions :confused:

in my case it looks like this. farcry 5 on uplay. the game exe was manually selected.

its the same with for example witcher 3 (gog), watch_dogs 2 (uplay), farcry pimal (uplay).

Assassins creed origins in the contrary works (uplay, manually exe selected)

Close Infinity and delete the Infinity folder here: C:\Users%username%\AppData\Roaming\

Reselect the EXE and do not leave the cheats page. Until the bug is fixed it will continue to do that.

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I have tried looking for the AppData Roaming files and I cannot find it at all.

Appdata is hidden by default. Windows Key+R then copy and paste that. There is a folder named Infinity. Delete the entire folder.

Ahh yes i found it in the end. Thank you :slight_smile:

And now im getting a patch error. Never had that before :confused:

Do you have the eac bypass active by some other trainer maker? Because it won’t work

How do I activate it?

You dont need too. The trainer does it itself for far cry 5

Ohh right because i deleted the entire Infinity file as explained and then went to go launch it and it just comes up with patch error. How do i get around it?