Farcry 4 editor. Heath and/or Armour?

Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone else managed to get the health or armour values to change in their games saves?

Everything works perfect in the Horizon editor.

Ive tried all sorts of values, but nothing seems to stick.

Did you press save at the top?

Have you deleted all title updates?

I have rehashed and saved. Everything else has worked. However I haven’t deleted updates.

Deleted all updates. Rehashed and resigned. Still not working.

No devs interested in the problem?

The health and armor values don’t go past their in-game limit in Far Cry 4 as far as I know. Far Cry 3 might be the last time it worked to do something like “god-mode”.

So why why put something out that doesn’t work and know doesn’t work?
Then make people pay for the pleasure of finding out that the sole reason for forking out for “Diamond” status, was for this one single editor?

I don’t mean to offend and i honestly do appreciate everything devs do for the relevant scenes. But releasing something just for the sake of releasing. Is in my opinion, pointless.

So people can edit it to restore it to the in-game max if it is below. For example, if you have 33% percent armor and want 100% armor.

Bit pointless, seeing as the armor doesn’t last long anyway. But anyway, thank you for clarifying that i cannot mod the value past the max allowed in the game.

Maybe remove the option from the editor, to eliminate the confusion?