Farming Simulator 17

So started with the issue of Infinity not automatically reading that the game is on my PC. This is the first game Infinity has not read on start up of the app. So I go to find which folder to choose to load it into My games and I choose x86 instead of x64 by mistake. Now it does show up under the My Games section of the app but tell me it cant be run in x86 which I get. But I cannot find a way to get it back to where I can choose and set it to the correct version of the game. Anyone that can put a suggestion out there that may help me I’m all ears… Thanks all

Use this to clear your cache.
You then have the chance to pick a new folder.

Can you tell me where your 64bit game exe is located in? The full directory structure. I didn’t have steam version so infinity could be looking for wrong folder.

@STN So by default it is placed in my New Voulume D drive ( where everything else is at)

There is also a x86 file under that with the same files in there as well.
Now I was able to get it to where I could re-select what file…x64 after a clean install of the game and the Infinity app. I did not read it on start up so I did go and select x64 for it to find it. I am able to start the game from within the app now and I get the audio ques that the cheat is activated and or deactivated. But does not seem to work as I dont have unlimited money. So there is what I can offer for now. I can give you more info if needed. Just let me know. I’d really like to figure this out and help anyone in the future using this trainer. Thanks

@N1ceToMeetYou Thanks man. For taking the time to reply. Awsome of ya!