Farthest Frontier Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I’m not entirely sure if the prevent diseases is working either, diseases are present, people have died as well. but for every person that dies, someone had a baby. village never goes higher than 12 occupants. that would be good to, to be able to set Village occupants.

All trainer crash my game

Not working

  1. villager health. dead to exposure
    2.building health, multiple condemned
  2. mega storage capacity , runs out of room
    4.unlimited minerals, mines run out
    5.instant build. not even close
    6.diseases, rampant
  3. ignore building upgrade requirement. doesn’t work at all.

Hey :slight_smile: pls update :slight_smile: ty :slight_smile:

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Unlimited mining is working

Everything else is nonfunctional

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Can the trainer please be updated to the latest version of the game?
It keeps crashing when I try to use it. Thank you.

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Please update soon as my subscription is pointless rn…


Do we have an ETA for update? Thanks for your hard work.


The Farthest Frontier cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements