Favourite GTA Car?

So what is your favourite GTA car ? It can be from any of the add ons or the original one and post a picture of your car if you can :smiley:
Mine is the:
Sultan RS

Sultan RS & Sabre GT.

Banshee and Turismo (GTA San Andreas)

Sultan RS w/ drift mod

Forklift FTW

inferno… nuff said

Is that a prius?

I don’t have a clue, it avoids crashes due to its lack of speed.

My favorite<3

or sometimes when im feeling good I pull out the big wheels

Jk… Sultan RS ftw

super drop diamond

easily the baggage handler from Vice City

protip: drive cars on water + perfect handling cheat = perfect backflip when you hit the jump button you get with perfect handling enabled

Mine is the Super Diamond:D its so Fly:thumbsup:

My favorite GTA car is the forklift ;o

Sabre GT.forklift and baggage handler :smiley:

golf cart

Cuban Hermes , Vice City

You can’t beat the Sabre Turbo from Vice City.

Also the Diablo Stallion from GTA 3 is sick.

Those are my two favourites.

Definitely the Sultan RS

any fast car there is