Feature Idea - Lock Option

Love wemod, but lately have had a weird issue. Got 2 new kittens and they love jumping on my keyboard, activating cheats/mods at random. Unfortunately turning on some undesired mods in some game leads to undesired results and a ruined game/save.

2 ideas to fix this issue.

  1. Would be great if there was a way to “lock” the mods. So you turn on the mods you want, hit ctrl+blah blah and now the f1/f2 hot keys are locked and can’t accidently be activated.

  2. make it possible to disable hot keys, so only manual controls only. Obviously for pro level only.

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Hello and welcome to the community.

Cats will be cats. :slight_smile:
Thank you for sharing your pretty cool suggestion.

Some possible work-arounds in the meantime:

  1. Clear cheats you do not want to use of their hotkeys by clicking the hotkey in the trainer, then pressing delete on your keyboard.

  2. Go Pro to access the WeMod Remote and in-game overlay, no need for hotkeys at all.

  3. Change the hotkeys to something that cannot be pressed accidentally. Such as CTRL+F1, Alt+Num1, etc. (Click hotkeys to change them).

  4. Use Num keys instead of F-keys to set custom hotkeys. Then turn off our number lock when not turning cheats on and off. This is basically a sort of locking mechanism. Good luck to the kitties pressing NumLock followed by the CTRL+Num5 key at the same time, unless they’re working together. :scream_cat:

  5. Develop your telekinetic skills so you can turn the cheats on and off with your mind.

  6. Share and let the kitties play. They clearly just want their turn. :joy:

  1. didn’t realize you could delete a hotkey mapping, like that idea.
  2. true, as much as I have enjoyed wemod lately, I should probably upgrade. good services are worth paying for.
  3. another good idea, may combine it with #1.
  4. Ya they aren’t that cleaver yet…
  5. think that only works with the pro version :wink:
  6. they have a few kills from there random keyboard presses. With more training they will be great.
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Great suggestion! I also have a new kitten who loves to type all over my keyboard. Thankfully not when I’m gaming. :eyes: