Feature request: delete/retore cheat_features (so no more risk to accidentaly triger things by missclick)


it would be asome (i think for most(or rly not far from that) ppl) if u add a RELY nice thing:

-being able to delete(not delete from wemod app(ofc) but just from cheats pages (& implement the abilty to re-add them one by one in a sperate/new tab)) one by one all features in all of ur games , cuse:

*no more risk to accidentaly triger things by missclick (a sample dont whant A_BII…IG(add xp/cheat levels) cheat cuse rly “kill” all games well u could say in an hypotetik future: now u can delete what u dont like)
*now u can set !!all!! cheat_features to just one hotkey , but an mistake(samples: #acidentaly puss this hotkey “that comes from hell” #miss mouse click #an adroid if screen is dirty&/orWet its autoclicking there and there !yep without u to tuch screen! (not sure its case by all devices)) still possible if in other tab mistake will be almost impossible it will rly be thousand times more user friendly
*a pc is great cuse u can do many (alt tab … … …) even many things at_once(TOO…O many way to do mistakes: multiple screen › tuch screen (aven a stupid fly can triger things on tuch screen not kiding) › vitual desk › ur going to fast u click just key 4 not the 5 u whant it › … … …) but if u dont whant to quit a game cuse u whant to play later without loading time(s) u fell like in prison if u have to allways whatch what u type (NOOO dont click this hell/damn key or its will ‘100%’ destroy that game)

i rly care of urs cheats cuse ur the one(as far i khnow) that made ppl able to control they cheats remotly(app & browsers(browsers thats from far the best cuse its working even in same windows even i others windows pcs even in playstation even in android(so this android app…) i think even elsewhere like tv & stuff))
b. regards


You can remove the toggle hotkey(s) for the cheats you don’t want to use by selecting it like you are going to change the hotkey then clicking delete.

nice didnt know that but what i ask for will me more perfect/more like ppl whant it to be , espacialy on android where many but got a tiny screen

how to do this on android ? (there’s no hotkey there no delete key) ps: i not misstaken for android my arguments still 100% acctual/valid

ps2: in pro version u can gain even more clients cuse ppl allways like what they whant not a thing thats not 100% customisable

i aded this to me post/ news:
& im sory but what u said its almost not true yep for keybord its ok but not for mouse if option(s) u dont whant is here u still can miss_click it with mouse (pro memebers only)

This is not for android. This only for PC.